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Cannabis Culture Club X Terp Mansion Makes History!

Terp Mansion, in the heart of Humboldt County just outside Willow Creek, was the perfect set and setting for the 2nd Cannabis Culture Club's "A River Runs Through It" and their journey through the Pacific Northwest. A dinner and hash tasting event found a fitting home for night right where it all begins...

With the massive Spaceship greenhouse making-up the backdrop, those in attendance were treated to an incredible evening of the freshest farm-to-table Cannabis and Hash Rosin experience on Earth. A relaxed and mellow atmosphere kept things business-casual, with dab rigs and rosin replacing the typical wine or beer and torches, tools, temp devices, and iso dunk tanks accompanying each plate.

Cannabis Culture Club

Hash makers, friends, fans, and owners from across California made the visit to this private event, to show support and respect for each other's craft and celebrate the new-found freedoms. Proper Wellness Center and Humboldt Glass Blowers sponsored the event. While there was plenty of representation from local brands like Errl Hill and Cold Gold (who flexed their mighty Rainbow Belts by the way), Terp Mansion provided the tastings of hash rosin paired to accompany each of the six plates.

A Tour of Terps

Before the dining and hash festivities, guests were treated to a tour of Terp Mansion hosted by the man himself, Luke aka The Emerald Kid. This brought unbridled access, giving guests the opportunity to see where the evenings flavors originated. After touring the property and mixed-light greenhouses, guests sat around the huge walnut tree in a giant square with enough seats for the nearly fifty guests in attendance.

Some notable names there included @stickerfarmer.mendo, @Black Market Vikings, Pinnacle Extracts, @Cold Gold, @Errl Hill, and other dispensary and brand owners.  @dj_dvinity kept the background beats pumping, while private chef Arin McBlaine curated six courses of impeccably presented local cuisine.

Pairings & Tastings

    Accompanying each dish was recently washed and pressed hash rosin flavors, each one grown, refined, and packaged on-site. With Humboldt Joe in attendance, he was able to shed some light on the hash rosin he pressed just a day or two before the event. Guests could see the cannabis growing, the hash lab, the packaging room, and the final retail product ready to be smoked, all while sipping cannabis infused drinks with a rosin salt around the rim. A moment of full-circle satisfaction was shared.

A True Cannabis Farm 2 Table Experience

As a single-source provider, vertically integrated in California's legal retail cannabis industry, Terp Mansion can sell products direct to consumers with our new retail license. This allowed a first of its kind dinner event, where in addition to the food and hash pairings, Terp Mansion's retail menu enabled guests to purchase products directly from our farm. With a nursery, indoor and mixed-light cultivation, manufacturing (hash making), packaging and distribution, retail and farm-direct-to-consumer is our latest achievement and this was the perfect way to kick things off.

"A First of Its Kind"

Preparing five or six flavors for the night fell on the shoulders of hash making wiz, @HumboldtJoeExtracts. This gave Joe the chance to showcase some fresh-press live rosin and cold cure badder flavors from the farm. The Z Chem rosin harvested and washed in the days leading up to the event was an instant favorite with a real Z kick. Our Pastel and Grape Cartel Live Rosins went fast, along with our newly unveiled line of products...

Worm-Hole Meets Hash-Hole

Making their appearance at this dining event, Terp Mansion's 3/4 gram of rosin and 2.75 grams of flower are perfectly rolled into giant cone-shaped joints. There's numerous flavor combinations that will be offered in unique blends approved by us. These will be available direct to consumers in the near future, so be sure to subscribe below.

 If you live in the Humboldt area, be sure to look out for emails about our direct to consumer delivery program that will bring huge savings to our fans and followers. Terp Mansion is in dispensaries across California (check the Store Locator at the bottom of the screen), but this is a special and unique opportunity to provide savings to our loyal fans, while offering limited D.T.C. ONLY products, and the freshest hash, rosin, and cannabis flower money can buy.

Thank You!

A huge thanks to the homie G and former Cosmic Supper Club organizer Young Slabby, for making everything come together just right. Humboldt Glass Blowers sponsored the event along with Proper Wellness, one of Humboldt's favorite dispensaries. A special thank you to the following for contributing to this landmark experience: @jazyg @hashwriter @lexxijuana @globmops @third_dimensiondabs  @garden_muse @elgeeproductions @yungslabbyy @properwellnesscenter.official  @humboldtjoextracts @humboldtsugarco @peachykingfarm @sixriversbrewery @dj_dvinity @majesstic_707

Until Next Time...

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who put the event together and showed up to make it a phenomenal success. Until next time, just remember, "We Do It For The Terps!"



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