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Direct To Consumer (D.T.C.): Realizing the Cannabis Dream

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

You heard that right. No more middle-men for the Humboldt County region as Terp Mansion becomes the first single-source, Farm to Table direct brand. Keep reading for the details as we're open for business!

-Open for Delivery: Tuesday-Friday 11 AM-7PM

-Delivery Minimum: $50.00

-Payment Options: Cash or Debit Card Upon Delivery

-Delivery Area: Humboldt County

Realizing the Dream

The dream that is legal, retail cannabis has been cut short by a never-ending list of state demands. Regulation has required a middle-man in more areas than ever before, but luckily Terp Mansion has risen above and beyond the average brand, to realize the dream. The dream to grow, harvest, package, and make hash all on the same farm, and offer those products directly to our most ardent smokers. And at the price-point we alone, choose! Boo-ya!

Open For Business

We have had this date circled for some time now. On September 30th, Terp Mansion products will be available for order and delivery through Weedmaps. Cash or debit accepted upon delivery, with a minimum order amount of $50.00. Hours are listed on our weedmaps menu page and orders must be within Humboldt County, at least for now as we plan to expand in due time.

Get on our mailing list here, or in the footer, and be notified of everything going on. With our direct to consumer project, there will be plenty of opportunities for giveaways, custom gifts, and other creative elements. Some of our best work will be offered ONLY through our Direct To Consumer program, making it an exciting opportunity. New strains, fresh harvests, deals and new products will be announced through emails.

Understand The Brand

After decades of cannabis misinformation campaigns, it's important to us that our customers understand the products we sell and the authenticity of the Terp Mansion brand. Not only the quality and care put into each and every one of the products that leave our farm, (as we smoke everything we sell) but to educate those interested in how products are made. Hit up our product page for a brief, but adequate description of how our products are made and what differentiates us from other brands. We will go much further in depth in future articles.

Here it is boys and girls, ladies and gentleman, people of all... well, all-adult ages... gather round as we shatter the history books and rewrite the rules. As one of the only farms capable, we're here to cater to the fans, delivering our products direct without the retail environment influences. This includes setting prices and passing the savings on to our fans. Tap-in!

Retail Menu

Or direct through WeedMaps here-


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How to get in contact I need meds bro has the best

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