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"We Do It For The Terps"

Terp Mansion is the quintessential modern cannabis farm, employing a wide range of techniques to produce some of the finest small-batch craft-quality cannabis, right in the heart of Humboldt County and the Emerald Triangle. As a vertically integrated micro-business, we control seed to sale beginning in our nursery.

Our full-scale licensed nursery holds up to 20,000 plants. The green room is where our flower comes to an end: "The Drying Room."



"Terp Me, Terp You"

The Spaceship is our cutting-edge design focused on sustainable methods of cultivating craft-cannabis. Our smart system provides the optimal spectrum of light, regardless of the time of year. Efficient, sustainable, new methods like this are changing the way we grow and appreciate cannabis.

5,000 square feet of next generation greenhouse space and 4,000 square feet of canopy. Slow Drip Irrigation, rainwater catchment, and heated beds make the Spaceship even more than meets the eye.




Mixed-Light Greenhouse number two, aka "The Rosin Wrangler" aka "The Resin Cultivator," provides an additional 3,500 square feet and 3,000 sq. ft. of canopy space, aimed at growing large trichomes for ice water refinement.

Growing for Resin or farming for Hash is what the Rosin Wrangler is all about.



"Terp On!"

The smallest of the three greenhouses, The Mini Banger provides an additional 1200 plants growing under 35 lights and Humboldt's Harvest Sun. Don't let its size fool you though. This beast can keep up with the Wrangler.



"Terp Around & Find-Out!"

Our Premium Line of Exotic Indoor Flower comes from the Terp Dungeon. With another 1,000 Square Feet of Canopy Space, we utilize numerous methods and growing conditions to provide the optimal terroir for each cultivar grown. The Terp Dungeon cultivates the kind of exotic flowers sought after around the world.

Hash Lab

"Terp Dollars, Hash Money"


After the pristine trichomes grown under the California sun are frozen at harvest, they're refined using ONLY ice and water. After the initial trichome removal using an ice water bath, we press the trichomes to create golden streams of translucent hash rosin.

Our Solventless Line of Vape Pen Cartridges use the same ice water wash and press, before filling cartridges with craft-quality Solventless Live Rosin.

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