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Owner and Team


  The New Hampshire native, known as "The Emerald Kid," grew up in Petaluma, California, quickly becoming engulfed with cannabis and the new opportunities presented. Studying economics at Humboldt State University, Luke Sanders went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with emphasis on Strategic Sustainability. Modern methods make the operation sustainable, highly-efficient, and data-driven, resulting in some of the best hash and cannabis in the world.

  After incorporating The Emerald Kid in 2016, the CEO of Terp Mansion has vertically integrated this micro-business, with a Nursery Permit, a licensed cannabis farm, solventless Hash-Lab, a packaging and processing center, local and state-wide distribution, and the latest addition: A Retail Delivery Permit. Nearing in on five years in business, Terp Mansion is dialed in.

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Our team is made-up of lifelong cannabis consumers, thrilled to be engaging with our passion, our love, and our obsession. While we do have to pay them, our employees are more like best friends that just can't stay away.

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