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Our Range of Products Provide Clean, Craft-Quality Cannabis To Discerning Smokers Across California


Mixed Light, Clear-Top, Craft Flower

The industry-leading mixed-light smart-greenhouse design delivers a consistent spectrum of lighting, mixing the best of indoor environments with the natural spectrum of the Emerald Triangle's Harvest Sun. Thanks to Next Gen. design & data-driven results, our Clear-Top provides maximum control over the environment. Slow-Drip irrigation, rainwater catchment, and heated beds provide a modern haven for our plants to flourish.


Cured Hash Rosin

Our small-batch, single-source Cured Rosin washes the cannabis flower after it has been dried and cured, delivering a dab more reminiscent of the smoked flower. A full profile or spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids are contained and preserved, using only ice, water, and pressure.


1g Rechargeable  Vape Carts

Experience the pinnacle of vaping with our 1-gram Live Rosin Rechargeable  Vape Cart. Crafted through weeks of precise testing, this rechargeable marvel delivers a potent gram of unadulterated live rosin. The wattage curve has been meticulously dialed over weeks of testing to guarantee an exceptional vaping experience. Each draw captures the rich flavors of cannabis, making it perfect for connoisseurs seeking a sophisticated and eco-friendly vaping option. Elevate your experience with our Live Rosin Rechargeable Vape Cart, where rechargeability meets the essence of cannabis.


Indoor Small-Batch Exotic Flower

Exotic Indoor: Small Batch, Humboldt County Cannabis at its finest. Our indoor batches grow under 45 lights, making it half the size of typical indoor batches. Our super-small-batch indoor methods result in the kind of cannabis sought after around the world. Only the best batches of exotic genetics will hit the market in our indoor bags.


Water Hash

An Old-World method of Hash-Making re-inspired with modern genetics and freshly-frozen cannabis harvests for a new generation. Using ONLY ice and water to refine cannabis, requires a high degree of skill and small-batch craft-quality cannabis to achieve. Whole plants are frozen at harvest, before being washed in ice and water to deliver pure cannabis trichomes. Enjoy.


Live Hash Rosin

Our small-batch, Live Hash Rosin refines cannabis in ice and water, before utilizing a pneumatic rosin press to produce golden streams of Live Hash Rosin. Whole plants, frozen upon harvesting, are washed, rinsed, and then pressed into Live Hash Rosin, containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and of course, terpenes, in the ratios Mother-Nature Intended. The epitome of a craft-quality experience to taste the latest and greatest genetics.

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60/40 5-Pack

Finally, infused pre-rolls the solventless way! You're very welcome. Our single-source Ice Water Hash is rolled with our craft-quality flower at a 60% flower to 40% ice water hash ratio. Five Joints per jar with each joint weighing .6 grams, totaling 3 grams of hash and flower per jar. We will have plenty of flavor combinations to be on the look out for.


1 Gram Pre Rolls

Unleash the pure essence of cannabis with our 1-gram pre-rolls. Choose between Indoor for a cultivated flavor burst or Mix Light for a harmonious blend of sunlight-kissed strains. Crafted with precision, each pre-roll contains only premium, hand-selected flowers. From the first spark to the final exhale, indulge in a smooth and satisfying journey with our 1-gram pre-rolls — a true celebration of the plant in its purest form.

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Solventless Live Rosin Vape Cartridges

Utilizing the latest solventless refinement techniques, water-hash is pressed into rosin, to create completely solventless Live Rosin Vape Cartridges to save the world from distillates. We use small-batches of fresh frozen cannabis to create half-gram pens for an on the go dab/flavor experience.

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For the non-faint of heart, we present Terp Mansion's version of a "Worm-Hole" joint, we call "Hash Holes". Loaded with Terp Mansion’s finest resins, the Hash Holes contain .50 (1/2) grams of live hash rosin, rolled and snaked to perfection before being encased in 2 grams of freshly harvested Premium Craft-Flower. With Terp Mansion hemp crutches for a mouth piece, these bad-boys are hand picked, broken up by hand, and hand-rolled for a single-source, craft experience like no other.

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