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Thin Mint Jealousy Cured Rosin*

Thin Mint Jealousy Cured Rosin*


THC- 74.6% CBD- .15% Terps-5.81% SUM-88.02% 


Thin Mint x Jealousy tantalizes your taste buds with its enchanting blend of earthy undertones and subtle hints of sweetness. Each inhale reveals a harmonious fusion of herbal and floral notes, creating a truly captivating flavor experience. The delicate interplay of flavors is further enhanced by a gentle touch of richness, leaving a pleasantly lingering taste on your tongue. The initial onset of Thin Mint x Jealousy Flower brings forth a gentle cerebral euphoria that uplifts your mood, leaving you feeling invigorated and creatively inspired. As the high progresses, a soothing wave of relaxation cascades throughout your body, alleviating any tension or stress that may have built up.

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