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The Grinch *60/40 Hash Infused Pre roll

The Grinch *60/40 Hash Infused Pre roll


New Case Pack Size ~ 12 units / per case   $210.00

THC 44.1%  CBD .00% TERPS 2.41%  SUM 52.17%

60% Flower ~Z Chem  ~  40% Hash ~ Lemon Cherry Gelato

Introducing "The Grinch" infused cannabois prerolls, expertly blending Z Chem Flower and Lemon Cherry Gelato Water Hash for a transcendent smoking experience. Expect a citrusy, earthy aroma and a smooth, flavorful smoke with zesty lemon and subtle cherry notes. Enjoy a clean burn and velvety texture, leaving you uplifted and relaxed.


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