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Sunny Deez  60/40 Hash Infused Preroll

Sunny Deez 60/40 Hash Infused Preroll


~ 12 units ~ / per case   $210.00

Flower: Garlic & Bananas Water Hash: Lemon Cherry Gelato
THC 42.5%    CBD .08%    Terps 1.94%   Sum 50.59%
Flower: LA Runtz Water          Hash: Mint Jelly

Sunny Deez, a premium 5-pack preroll, combines the vibrant flavors of LA Runtz Flower with the cool, refreshing notes of Mint Jelly Water Hash for a unique cannabis experience. Each inhale delivers a sweet and fruity taste that brings you back to a hot summer day. This is complemented by a smooth, dense smoke that promises a clean burn every time. The effects are equally delightful, starting with a euphoric head rush that gradually melts into a relaxed, blissful state, making Sunny Deez ideal for unwinding after a long day or kickstarting a leisurely weekend.

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