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Sour Grapez 1g Disposable

Sour Grapez 1g Disposable


1g Live Rosin Disposable Vape Cartridge. 

Case Pack of 8 / $28 ea $224 Case

THC 79.08%  CBD .15%  TOTAL 85.59%  TEPRS 8.15%

Sour Grapez live rosin vape carts deliver an unmatched symphony of flavor, combining the tartness of fresh grapes with a subtle, sweet undertone that dances on the palate. This premium extract, renowned for its purity and potency, offers a smooth, rich vapor experience that enthusiasts seek. The effects are as delightful as the taste, beginning with an uplifting cerebral buzz that gently transitions into a relaxing body high, perfect for unwinding after a long day or sparking creativity. With each draw, users can expect a consistent, enjoyable session that highlights the artisanal quality of live rosin extraction.





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