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Optimus Prime 2.75g Hash Hole

Optimus Prime 2.75g Hash Hole


                                                               THC 33.9%      CBD .06%     Terps 1.35%

                                                   Flower: Lemon Cherry Gelato  ~ Live Rosin: Z Chem


"Autobots, assemble!" Terp Mansion brings you a new Hash Hole we are calling Optimus Prime! This powerful blend features 2 grams of Lemon Cherry Gelato flower and .75 grams of Z Chem Live Rosin. Its aroma is a rallying call of sweet lemon mixed with a sharp, chem zest. The flavor is equally dynamic, delivering a combination of tangy citrus and gassy goodness that delights the palate. The effects are just as legendary, offering a balanced blend of uplifting mental clarity and deep physical relaxation, making it the perfect choice for those ready to lead their own charge into relaxation and euphoria.

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