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Kush Krasher  Water Hash

Kush Krasher Water Hash


16 Unit / 1g each Per Case

THC 77.5%    CBD .1%      Sum 90.41%

Immersing users in a sensory journey, Kush Krasher offers a pungent aroma that combines earthy notes with refreshing hints of pine and lemon, captivating the olfactory senses from the first encounter. Its flavor is equally complex and engaging, featuring a spicy undertone that perfectly complements its aromatic bouquet. Known for its potent effects, Kush Krasher engulfs users in a wave of euphoria, leading to profound relaxation and muscle ease, ideal for unwinding in the evening or seeking solace from stress, pain, and anxiety. This cannabis water hash not only enhances mood but also inspires creativity, making it a favored choice among both recreational enthusiasts and medicinal users.


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