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Jungle Juice  60/40 Hash Infused Preroll

Jungle Juice 60/40 Hash Infused Preroll


~ 12 units ~ / per case   $210.00

Flower: Garlic & Bananas Water Hash: Lemon Cherry Gelato
THC 45.0%    CBD .08%    Terps 2.29%   Sum 53.87%
Jungle Juice is an exceptional 5-pack preroll selection, expertly infused with Garlic & Bananas Flower and Lemon Cherry Gelato Water Hash for a truly unique experience. Each preroll delivers a symphony of flavors, combining the earthy undertones of garlic with the sweet, fruity notes of bananas and a zesty splash of lemon cherry. The smoke is smooth and creamy, enveloping the senses without overwhelming them. As for the effects, expect an uplifting euphoria that gently transitions into a relaxing calm, ideal for unwinding after a long day or spicing up social gatherings. Jungle Juice prerolls are a perfect blend of taste, aroma, and blissful tranquility.


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