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Fruity Loops Hash Hole*

Fruity Loops Hash Hole*


THC- 40.4%  CBD- .06%  Terps- 1.42%  Sum 48.69%

2g Strawberry Jamz   ~   .5g Orange Slapz Live Rosin


Introducing the Fruity Loops Hash Hole - a delightful and harmonious combination of 2 grams of luscious Strawberry Jamz flower and 0.5 grams of potent Orange Slapz live rosin. The Strawberry Jamz flower infuses the air with a sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of sun-ripened strawberries while the Orange Slapz live rosin provides a zesty and invigorating burst of citrus goodness, transporting your taste buds to a sunny orange grove. Together, they create a well-rounded cannabis experience perfect for any occasion.

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